Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the world is my lobster roll

Now do not skewer me, please, because I know that there are some ardent sandwich lovers out there. But this darling (and by darling I mean enormous) lobster roll from Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay was named one of the best 5 sandwiches in America (what?!) by the Today Show. Last weekend's visit to HMB necessitated a trip to Sam's. Sure, I doubt the Today Show's food authority status with the rest of you, but lists of exemplary foods are always kind of compelling to me.

Here is what sold it for me: the (giant) lobster pieces are tossed in butter, not mayo (which is standard for lobster rolls). Also, the freshly baked bun is made of that bad-for-you soft white bread, also extremely buttery. Yes and yes! (Note: I love butter!) Okay, do you see how much stinkin lobster meat they tried to cram into that bun? The chips and coleslaw are pretty superfluous. Come to meeee, lobster roll...well, looks like my one reason for going to Maine has been checked off by California (I know; best state ever!)

So...I know I've been a little quiet lately, and I hate it as much as you do, but to make up for it: guest bloggers  next week!! (Plural intended. Two posts in a week? This blog might explode from overuse!) Hi Cindy and Eunice! We're so excited to hear from you!


  1. They have Maine lobsters in The Junc which are more awesome because I would be there to feed it to you.

  2. i've never grown fond of lobster like others. the satisfaction i get is not worth the expense. unless in shrimp with lobster sauce.

    i went to boston when i was little and they had lobster at mcdonalds.


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