Sunday, February 27, 2011

hello san francisco

Oh guys. This has been a long time in the making. A. Long. Time. Apologies. Anyway, I thought I'd take a page from Lisa Leonard and do a "hello Monday" post...except this one is a great big HUGE hello to my new home, San Francisco. (And hello to iPhonotos; they made this post possible.)

Hello view from my living room

Hello new school

Hello happy California golden poppies in the Castro

Hello funny Valentine's Day cookies

Hello cupcake

Hello Blue Bottle

Hello Bittersweet (and goodbye dpie)

Hello Giant Steps (so many kinds)

Hello Wednesday (my new favorite day) for the Farmers' Market and for this...

Hello Wednesday Belgian waffles with powdered sugar

Hello San Francisco public library

Hello Bay Bridge

Hello Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, one of the most beautiful views in the world

Hello and goodbye promise of snow

Okay, I can't hold this back. This is an email that my school sent out to everyone last left me howling! (To be fair, Lone Mountain is an enormous and very slippery hill. Nevertheless, we Californians are weather pansies. I openly admit this!)

The weather reports for Thursday night through Saturday morning include a very real possibility of snow and near freezing temperatures, particularly after sunset and through the night. Please use extreme caution when navigating around campus, driving or walking, as areas may be slick and/or icy. Wear warmer and layered clothing and shoes with non-slipping treads. The Spanish Steps and the ramps and sidewalks to and from and around Lone Mountain will be most likely to have ice and be slippery, but, again, caution should be exercised throughout the campus and the city.
It will be fun to be part of snow-weather history in San Francisco - but be safe too!

Facilities Management

Priceless. Hello, San Francisco, hello!

Lisa asks this question every week, so I will too: What are you saying hello to today?