Thursday, August 26, 2010

i got shot down in southern california tasty things. Southern California is a really, really delicious place. So delicious that I will have to move there and spend years trying out all the stuff that didn't get checked off my to-eat list (although I don't see that happening...) So delicious that I would cry every time I thought about putting on jeans, which are the least accommodating clothing ever. Bring on the dresses. Let's eat some cake.

Last year, in the depths of homesickness for our college towns, us roomies would compare notes. Jena and I would extol the glories of CheeseboardNaan N Curry, and Fenton'sAubrey would regale us with tales of Extraordinary Desserts. Last week, Aubs and I unexpectedly found ourselves in San Diego (at the same time!) and I got my first taste.

Let me tell you, this fine establishment presents a compelling reason to live in San Diego. The beaches, perfect weather, and fish tacos...all good, but this place was BOMB. In the center middle you have tres leches cake...upper left hand is the tortamisu. Between the rose petals and edible gold leaf, I felt thoroughly spoiled and like I was dancing on cloud twenty-five (possibly the effects of way too much sugar).

We went on a food tour! Way, way fun. Here are macarons from The Little Next Door that we ate in the empty courtyard of its big sister restaurant, The Little Door.

Dulce de leche! New goal: learn how to make macarons, feet and all.

The last stop on our tour was at a Japanese place. This sushi is wrapped in soy paper?

It was just less than a year ago that I was raving about xiao long baos in Shanghai. When I found out that there was a Din Tai Fung branch in Arcadia...

Oh hi. Hello cute dumplings full of hot delish soup stuffed with delicate pork surrounded by a soft melty skin. There's a reason that you've inspired a cult following (me irrevocably included)!

(When I look at these photos, I magically forget how much I hate driving there!)


  1. that's becasue the food (and dare I say company...) make the grueling drive WAY worth it. but... ya know, you wouldn't have to drive all the way down if you just moved your butter lovin booty to the home of delicious cakes and macaroons ;)

  2. DTF! Chris immediately burned his mouth when we ate the one somewhere near Pasadena.

  3. This post is just mean... veeeeeer mean! I'm o detox day 9... :)

    P.S: I'm having a Hallelu boho bag giveaway which I think you'd love! Come and check it out!:D

  4. The Southern California has plenty of delicious and tasteful places to eat and they provide lovely food cuisines of different varieties.


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