Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tuesday i'm in love

Lately, Tuesdays have been soooo good to me, and that is why I love Tuesdays. We started subscribing to a CSA a few weeks ago, and they deliver on Tuesdays, and that is why Tuesdays = love.

I would tell you all about what comes in each week's box, but I don't want to make you sad. Tonight's dinner features yellow wax beans, though, so yay for everyone here!

Another big yay factor is that I'm going to Chicago tomorrow! Do any of you, dear blog readers, live out there? I'll be around until next Friday, so LET'S HANG OUT! And eat pizza. Hot dogs? What do you guys do for fun other than freeeeeeze your booties off?!

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  1. Try Gino's East Pizza... deep dish heaven! Although I don't recommend the's like a huge patty that covers the whole pizza. Weird, huh?


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