Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i really did eat almost everything, berkeley ed.

I've started this entry a million times in my head--I've been dreading it, really, because like so many other recent indicators, it marks an end. I can even be so dramatic as to say the end of my Asia life, a chapter firmly, decidedly closed by the ever-wide streets and the (relatively) tiny population of American suburbia. I have been enjoying it by doing all the things rendered impossible by living in Asia, but something deep inside me tells me that baking up a furious storm of key lime pies will not, cannot patch this gaping hole only able to be filled by the sweet sounds and smells and people of the East.

This weekend I did, however, manage to patch the gaping Berkeley hole that developed last year. Another place I love, filled with sweet sounds and smells and people. Oh my goodness. And I ate enough to...well, I'll let you read the list and decide for yourself.

Eating through Berkeley (& Oakland), September 17-20:
So yeah. It was an amazing, heart-friendly weekend (Note: I did not say heart-healthy. Heart-friendly is a completely different concept...) and I miss it already. All of it.

PS. Safari has gone off the deep end and won't let me post pictures on Blogger? I swear the internet, as well as all technology are generally conspiring to kill me one of these days.

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  1. i is so proud of you, baby!

    and you're coming soon, too!


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