Monday, March 29, 2010

It 'tastes' like home to me

Hello wonderful followers of I Ate Everything!  I am still in amazement that I have been given the auspicious privilege of guest blogging on this fine site.   For a little intro… My name is Aubrey and I am a recent convert into the wonderful world of blogs… (I’m still very much a newbie).  I spent last year with Stephanie (and 3 other fabulous women) in East Asia where my palette was opened to delightful foods and flavors beyond my wildest imagination.  

Under Steph’s great influence my travels have begun to resemble more of an “Eating Asia” exploration of culture and less of the “hotspot marathon method” that I had previously employed.  Though I have had my share of ‘exotic fare’ – and often pride myself on seeking out the craziest of ‘local flavors’ (donkey hot pot, home-cooked scorpions, lamb brain…) -for this edition, I’d like to stick with something a little more familiar.

back from the days where we made our own scorpos for dinner

When you live 13 time zones away from home, it’s important to find a way to settle in and feel at ‘home’ in your new environment.  Yes, often times that does come in the form of a 35 cent McDonald’s ice cream cone, (stop judging… they are delightful!) but more often than not, for me it is a steamy hot, wonderfully fresh bowl of la mian (拉面).  Literally meaning ‘pulled noodles,’ this deliciously simple ‘noodle soup’ is my happy place.  Last year there was a restaurant not 2 min from our front door.  But this year I was devastated by severe la mian withdrawals…. Until heaven smiled down on me and opened up a noodle shop right across the street!  (resulting in untold happiness!!)

especially tasty with a mound of la jiao (red pepper)

As with everything in life, change is inevitable. Oh strange new world.  My old comforts of Inn n’ Out and Taco Tuesday have been replaced by la mian and gai fan (stir fried goodness heaped on a massive plate of rice).  

gai mian (goodness heaped on noodles)

true to my southwest roots, nothing would be complete without the 'heat'

I take comfort in seeing the same pensive grandfather sitting by the tree outside my apartment complex… 

and I always smile at the ladies playing cards in front of the street food vendors.  

This is my home… these are my familiar flavors…   With one slurp wonderful memories of friends, dancing, laughing and living flood my mind.  How sweet the taste of simple noodles!

In keeping with Stephanie’s questions to ponder… What tastes like home to you? 

PS- thanks for this opportunity Steph, but we're all very anxious to have you back!  :)


  1. Aw, Aubrey!! How fun, and your pictures are gorgeous - as always! A year ago I was in your neck of the woods, being nursed back to health thanks to some of your favorite cuisine! :) Hum - homes tastes like Lipton black tea, boiled potatoes, and european style yogurt. . .and my mom's apple pie. :) Love you!!

  2. Very well written Aubrey! :) Hmm....I think right now home would taste like a cheese enchilada with Mexican rice and beans on the side. Ahhh, mouth watering...

  3. My heart resides in far too many places for this to be an easy one item answer!

    Modesto: Mom's spaghetti, Mom's Shanghai-style fried thick noodles, local white peaches and cherries in the summertime

    Berkeley: a hot piping slice of Cheeseboard!! (corn/lime or mushroom/pesto preferred), Caffe Strada foamy latte

    EA: the aforementioned 拉面。酸辣土豆丝。串儿!白菜肉水饺。西红柿炒鸡蛋。茄子. 火锅。面包面。包子。Oh, and oreos.

    Conclusion: love all noodle products, and then some!

    Thanks Aubs! You did a fabulous job guest blogging!! Photos are GORG. Also, not gonna mian photo makes me want to cry just a little. Okay, maybe a little tear fell out of the corner of my eye. I MISS IT (and you)

  4. Great blog Aubs!! Sorry it took me forever to actually read it!

    Hmmm...I think home tastes like a mixture of wonderful foods. Right now, a nice juicy steak and a cherry vanilla cream dr. pepper from sonic sounds AMAZING, but in a couple of months I'll be dying to have some 地三鲜.


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