Tuesday, May 12, 2009

recipe overload

Do you SEE that screenshot?! All those recipes underneath the folders, unfiled...they go on for a good 400 more!! I blame Tastespotting. (If you are able to look at that food pile of love and not feel at least a little tempted to bookmark one page, you are deranged. Or remarkably self-controlled.)

The strength finders test says that this is one of my strong suits, collecting things. I subconsciously decided that collecting physical things will probably lead to me being crowded out of my own house, so recipes it is. It has been kind of difficult recreating things I love here, but I've recently made tres leches cake for our cinco de mayo party and cinnamon espresso cake as a last hurrah for the roommates before Lent, and even peanut butter cookie crust with brownie on top (both box mixes)...the truth is that we're living it up here, albeit a bit creatively!


  1. If we ultimately don't settle down somewhat close to each other, I'm going to be legit sad.

  2. fact: you also have hella labels ------>

  3. t--what if I just hopped on to your little island for next year and we were roommates again?! Something tells me that it would be nothing like Theta, but it would still be so so fun!! Unless you've outgrown me...in that case I do not know what to say.

    j--dude, I don't know how to condense them (even though I probably should). Although you can bet that "self quirks" will probably accumulate a lot as time goes on. I got HELLA quirks, man.


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