Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The vast majority of the time, I really like it here. I love walking down the street and blending in, wind blowing through my hair, staring at the setting sun because the endless layers of pollution make it possible. I love the food--tonight Aubrey and I had "ribs 'n rice" (literally, 3 huge pork ribs in a bowl with your choice of potato, cabbage, carrot, etc and unlimited rice. Genius!) for dinner. But when I wander upon something like this, I find myself hunting for the fastest plane ticket home so I can chomp on one of those. Scanwiches! Brilliant.

One of my favorite questions to ask a person is "What is your ideal sandwich?" So much potential discourse here. Mine has been a long time coming because really, you can't rush this kind of thing. Stephanie's ideal sandwich has turkey, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado on some sort of lightly toasted bun thing. A close second would be anything to do with salami/sopressata/prosciutto--pork is a wonderful thing. That said...would I drop everything for a smoky BBQ'd pulled pork or a Philly cheesesteak? Are you kidding me? (Oh, I miss sandwiches. Not as much as Jena, but I do.)

(The "best" sandwich in Saigon! They wrap them in cute dot matrix printer paper.)

Your turn (and truly, I want to know, so please be serious and give it some careful consideration): What's your ideal sandwich?


  1. meehhh i wants viet-sando again

    you knows my fave sandwich, but i will comment just so that there is documentation..

    deli peppered turkey, muenster, avacado, tomato, a little lettuce, salt and pepper, and a light spread of miracle whip. on any wheat bread (non toasted) yuuummmm

  2. oh man, I can't decide! It's probably gonig to involve tuna. I need more time to ponder this. . .I will be back with a report. . .:) Those scanned sandwhiches are amazing!!!

  3. that's kind of a really tough question! Usually, I just buy a sandwich based on what's in it, and don't pick my own ingredients! How can it be that I've never pondered this before?!

    Alls I know is that it has to have lots of cheese. Dripping cheese. Leaking cheese. And avocado. Maybe an egg?

    Thanks, Steph, for bringing up something new to consider.


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