Sunday, March 8, 2009

jungle janes and sandy shoes

Combining two adventures into one. We left KL and headed off into the jungle for a little alone time with nature. Those who know me are chuckling right now because I rarely desire said kind of time, but I enjoyed it, surprisingly?

Taken from our boat on our way to our morning hike. Notice the trees in the background; I bet one could find gorillas in the mist over there...

In the midst of the jungle canopy, a clearing...and a beautiful lake underneath.

(from near to far): Kristin, Jena, and Aubrey walk the line.

We hiked up a hill and got to this vista point. Trees! Mountains! Overall it was a grand time, but the last night I found a huge leaf bug in my was time to head to the beach.

Footprints, ocean. Not too sure why the sand part is level but the ocean is crooked.

Be happy dont' crazy, my friends.

Once again, I am a huge sucker for sugar donuts.

Sunset on the beach...perfectly romantic for me and my four besties for the year.

Also, I apologize for the writing being less than scintillating this entry. Something about not being able to describe the beauty of aforepictured places...spell check is telling me that aforepictured is not a word? Get a life, spell check!

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